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YU START is a New Student Transition Program designed to support you as you make your way from high school to your first year at York University. Through this summer long program, you'll enrol in courses, connect with fellow classmates and student leaders, and become more familiar with campus life, supports and resources available to you.

If you are part of the YU START program, you'll receive an email with specific instructions on when and how to access your online enrolment tutorial. You can also check if you are part of YU START on the Am I in YU START? page. To enrol in courses, you first complete an online tutorial (Step 1 of the YU START program).

Step 1: Enrol in Courses Online

  • Learn about your program requirements
  • Enrol in your first year courses
  • Navigate on-line student service tools

Step 2: Join the Online Learning Community
Beginning July 2

  • Join online discussions
  • Participate in activities about university life
  • Ask questions and make new friends
  • Learn about Keele campus life

Step 3: Attend Making Connections (on-campus event)
September 2

  • Connect with senior students and new students in your program
  • Meet professors in your program
  • Explore the campus

YU START is designed to help new students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to:

  • understand that a university education is important for personal, social and academic development
  • acknowledge the role that each student has in upholding the university’s values, norms and ways of being
  • form connections with students, professors and staff in your Faculty, academic program and affiliated College
  • identify strategies to be successful in learning at university and how to find resources necessary for success